Visual Expressions

Who We Are

Our arts and crafts group, which is named Visual Expressions, was established in February of 2014 to provide an opportunity for our creative and artistically-gifted residents to meet, share their knowledge and talents, receive instruction, and to offer opportunities to exhibit their works. Studies have shown that creative endeavors stimulate the mind, reduce the effects of stress-related diseases and slows cognitive decline. But primarily we do it because it’s so much fun! Although the majority of our group expresses their work in fine art, we also have some highly talented members whose inclination is more towards traditional craft skills such as quilting, needlepoint and woodworking. We have a fund raiser each year (calendar, ornaments) to pay for our annual Arts & Crafts exhibit reception and we ask our members to pay nominal annual dues. We are seeking to gain a reputation and recognition within Prince William County and beyond. In this regard, we have exhibited outside our community at the Hilton Center, Manassas City Hall, and have an exhibit scheduled for the Manassas Center for the Arts in June of 2018. Three of our members were juried into the Young at Art exhibit in Alexandria, VA this year. Eight of our members are also members of the Prince William Arts Society.

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