Real Life Productions

Who We Are

We believe in pushing for the highest potential in all children. Each class develops an individual program for the young actor/actress, which is then incorporated into group goals. The program is flexible, and allows the opportunities for children to follow their own interests as well as join in with others. There is a balance of quiet and busy activities. Indoor and outdoor play is also incorporated to help meet social and physical needs for every child.

What We Do

At the most basic level, our goal is to develop the young actor's gift and confidence within themselves. Their gift may make them stand out in front of a set, or thrive in a completely different aspect of life. We seek to provide a gateway for our students to love, explore flourish in the world of acting. We seek to prepare all students for auditions in film, t.v., music, and theater opportunities.

Who We Serve

We serve the child that is either thinking about getting into acting, or is already pursuing the dream.

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