Nicholas Zimbro

Nick Zimbro is an artist from Washington DC. Smithsonian museums and graffiti in the Metro tunnels still lend shape to his approach and aesthetic in visual art. Having moved to PWC when he was a boy, Nick was raised here, fostering deep connections with both people and places of this region. Nick began college at age 17 and studied at N.V.C.C., Maryland College of Art and Design, and the oldest museum in the county, the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts. Traveling after school eventually led Nick back to his roots; and having returned to his hometown, he set up studio at the Workhouse Art Center. Shortly after, he relocated his studio to Tackett's Mill, becoming their first resident artist. Currently, Nick is busy at work establishing the Clearbrook Center of the Arts. By converting a large office space that hadn't been utilized in over a decade, Nick and a select team of artists use this space as a creative incubator, and have produced the largest indoor art installation in the state of Virginia. Having received a sponsorship for his artistic merit, Nick is looking for ways to develop our community through the transforming power of art. With a special interest in large scale murals, Nick plans to assist in the cultural development of our region by creating unique identities to the buildings in our landscape.

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