Clearbrook Foundation

Who We Are

The Clearbrook Foundation is an effort to promote and conduct artistic and educational activities in the eastern end of Prince William County, Virginia, and the public appreciation of these activities in both public and private venues, including the Tackett’s Mill Center.

What We Do

The Clearbrook Foundation underwrites community projects it deems appropriate which are artistic in nature and allow for compensation of the artists and eventual reimbursement to the Foundation so its underwriting can continue. A perfect example is the Foundation’s 2015 Bench Project. Boy Scout Sean Zylich of Troop 295 orchestrated the construction of sturdy ash benches and art students attending NVCC Woodbridge Campus painted the benches in themes driven by local business sponsors. The results can be seen around the Tackett’s Mill Center where many of its tenants took part in the project. Many of the the benches are still available for purchase through the Rotary Club of Lake Ridge.

The Clearbrook Center of the Arts is a work space for such projects. The Center has over 5,000 square feet, (currently available to view by appointment only) as a non-purposive free space for artists to explore their talent and their place in our community. The Clearbrook Foundation anticipates its Center of the Arts will become a meeting place for cultural events, workshops, and showings. Your support at this early phase is greatly appreciated and will help them achieve their goal.

The Center’s current project, “Community Garden” is the vision of artist Nicholas Zimbro. It will be the largest full scale art installation to grace our community.

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