Cabin Branch Quilters

Who We Are

The Cabin Branch Quilters promotes, encourages, maintains, and exhibits the art of quilting; sponsors educational activities pertaining to quilting; and supports the community with related activities, as appropriate. Our Quilt Guild is a non-profit organization which is nondiscriminatory as to race, religion, sex or politics and is wholly committed to keeping an art form alive for the future. All individuals interested in the art of quilt making are eligible for membership.

What We Do

The Guild presents:

  • an annual Quilt Show open to the public,
  • monthly lectures and/or presentations related to quilting for all interested persons,
  • donations of quilted items to organizations within the County,
  • an informative web-site to find Guild meetings and activities,
  • various learning activities and classes to increase awareness and skills in this art form, and
  • financial contributions to designated organizations to help in their endeavors.

Who We Serve

Our populations in membership and event attendance include a wide range of people based on any number of identifying characteristics; the only common thread is an interest in quilting. Our member rolls contain young students, families, senior citizens, at the “extremes”, and everyone else in the middle.

Contact Us

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