About the Prince William County Arts Council

The Prince William County Arts Council is a membership organization serving the Greater Prince William Area, including Prince William County, Manassas and Manassas Park.

Our Vision

The Prince William County Arts Council is the go-to resource for the local arts, enabling our community to achieve renown for its arts offerings.

Our Mission

  1. To promote and support local artists and arts organizations
  2. To enlighten and educate audiences about the arts in the Greater Prince William Area

Our Action

The annual Arts Alive! festival is just one of our events held. It is an opportunity to celebrate and present various art forms to our community. We also provide our members with networking, development, marketing, and grant opportunities. Membership includes non-profit and for-profit arts organizations, individual artists as well as civic groups and businesses that support the arts in our community.

Want to Join the Prince William County Arts Council?

As a member of the Prince William County Arts Council, you will be part of a vibrant thriving community of art enthusiasts. Join us in supporting the cultural arts and receive great benefits!

Applications are accepted July 1st – April 30th.

Arts Council Membership Details

Annual Membership term: July 1 – June 30 (follows PWC fiscal year)

  • To receive one year (12 months) of full benefits:
    Dues must be paid by July 1
  • To receive offer of priority selection in Arts Alive participation and other full benefits:
    Dues must be paid by August 1
  • To apply for technical assistance (TA grants, non-applicable to Associates) and other full benefits:
    must be paid by September 1
  • For all applicants becoming/renewing membership AFTER September 1:
    basic membership benefits are offered and applications are accepted until April 30

Payments can be by delivery (mailed or in-person) with check or by phone with credit card.

Member Organizations Resources

Logo Requests Instructions

Click the link(s) of the file(s) you need to submit logo request(s). Requests will be forwarded to Prince William County and, when granted, logo(s) will be emailed within 48 hours. Thank You.

Use of Logos

For organizations receiving Arts Grants (not including technical assistance):

  1. Organization website must contain the following phrase:
    Partial funding has been provided by Prince William County
  2. All printed material, ads, flyers, posters press releases and program literature for events supported by this grant should include the PWC Parks logo.

For recipients of technical assistance:

  1. If you acknowledge contributors by categories of donations in program books, you are required to acknowledge the grant amount in the appropriate category from Prince William County. This is only required if you currently list sponsors on your website or other records.
  2. It is requested that you include the PWC Arts Council logo on your organization website

For all members:

You are encouraged to use the PWC Arts Council logo on your website, show your pride as a member!

Prince William County Arts Council Governance

Prince William County Grant Information – Fiscal Year 2018

The applications will be reviewed by a Grant Panel and recommendations will be submitted to Prince William County for a final decision in June 2018.